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FREE - Structured Settlement Annuities and Structured Attorney Fees
From the very beginning of your case, at every stage, and especially during a settlement conference or mediation, it is vitally important to utilize the services of knowledgeable plaintiff settlement specialists. We will help you develop a settlement that meets your client’s needs. 

Attorney’s Fees
We will structure a plaintiff attorney’s fees when they are associated with personal physical injury or wrongful death cases.  Structuring an attorney’s fee may create a tax deferred interest earning account that provides scheduled payments to fulfill future financial needs. 

Our settlement services are provided at no cost to you or your client. 

As licensed brokers, we are entitled to receive commissions directly from life insurance companies and/or investment sponsors as a result of placing or co-brokering annuities and other investments.

$3,000 –Standard Economic Loss Reports:  Pecuniary Analysis ($750 related revision)

  • Personal Injury
  • Wrongful Death
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Product Liability
  • Mass Torts

You can use these reports from the very start to determine your case’s economic value.  You obtain an accurate assessment of the damages that your client has sustained.  Each report clearly outlines present and future dollar damages.  The reports summarize each element of your client’s losses in a direct, easy to understand manner.

$1,800 –Analysis of a Life Care Plan ($750 related revision)
Send us your life care planner’s report, let us refer you to a life care planner or have an independent Life Care Plan done through EnterpriZ.  Our economic analysis of the life care planner’s report projects the plaintiff’s current medical and non-medical expenses forward.  These future costs are then discounted to today’s dollars providing an accurate present value financial assessment. 

$750 –Scheduling / Cancellation Fee
This non-refundable fee schedules EnterpriZ’s expert witnesses for your trial or deposition testimony.  This fee will be applied to the final invoice.  In the event of cancellation, the fee is non-refundable.

Expert Testimony
There is a minimum $2,000 charge per day for all deposition and trial testimony.  This charge is in addition to travel time and expenses.  All fees are required to be paid before the deposition or trial.  If additional services are requested beyond what has been estimated, the additional charges will be due at the time incurred. The retaining attorney is solely responsible for payment of services rendered by EnterpriZ.  EnterpriZ may choose to be unavailable for deposition or trial testimony if prior payment has not been rendered. 

Independent Life Care Plans are billed at an hourly rate after an engagement interview.

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